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Who Is In Your Life?

Do you trust your instincts when it comes to the people that you choose to surround yourself with? I’m talking about that nagging doubt in the pit of your stomach about someone in your life? 🤔 That's your instinct speaking, and it's time to listen up! 🎧 When it comes to relationships, whether they're friendships, romantic connections, or professional ties, the vibe should lift you up, not bring you down. ⬆️🙌

Keeping people around who drain your energy or continually make you feel inadequate is like blowing a candle out, yet expecting it to continue to light up the room. 🕯️🌑 It’s important to recognize when you are betraying your own well-being by ignoring these feelings. 🛑🧠

Good relationships feel right. They're like a breath of fresh air, not a fog that clouds your judgment and happiness. 🌬️☀️ If you constantly find yourself justifying someone’s behavior to yourself or others, it’s a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. 🚩👀 And, if this is where you find yourself, consider what is making you continue to hold on. 🤷‍♂️💭

If you’re feeling uncertain, trust your gut feelings. They're usually right, and they're there to protect you. 🛡️👍 The right people will make your life brighter, and you will never need to make excuses for them. 💡❤️


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