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Life Coaching Programs

Explore the possibilities​

60 min​
Virtual meeting

Join me on a journey of self - discovery and empowerment in an experience that integrates the precision of legal strategy with the insight of life coaching. In this session, we will explore the depths of your aspirations and the barriers that stand in your way, crafting a personalized roadmap to success that aligns with your deepest values and dreams.

Gain Clarity & Overcome Limiting Beliefs​


6 - week intensive

50 min​

Virtual meeting

Embark on a transformative 6 - week journey specifically crafted for gaining clarity and dismantling limiting beliefs. This intensive program combines personalized coaching with strategic exercises, helping you to identify, confront and overcome challenging deep-seated thoughts that hinder personal growth. Through tailored sessions, practical exercises, and expert guidance, you will learn to reframe your mindset, set achievable goals, and develop effective life strategies for enhanced self-awareness and long-term success.

Strategic Personal Advancement Program​

12 - week commitment ​
50 min​
Virtual meeting

Begin a life-altering 12 - week voyage with a focus on strategic personal advancement. This customized program merges bespoke coaching with proven methodologies, dynamic exercises, a suite of tools to reshape your future and relentless support empowering you to redefine your goals, transform your mindset, create impactful life strategies and emerge with a powerful, action-oriented plan to turn your aspirations into achievements.

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 2_edited.jpg
Comprehensive Transformation Strategy


24 - week commitment

50 min​

Virtual meeting

Start a profound 24 - week journey of self-discovery and unparalleled personal growth with this comprehensive transformative experience that will equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to turn your long-term aspirations into tangible, life-changing strategies. Tailored for those who seek deep, lasting change, this program combines custom-tailored coaching sessions with advanced methodologies and immersive exercises. Over six months, you will gain access to an extensive array of tools designed to reshape your perspective and redefine your future. This approach includes in-depth analysis, strategic goal-setting, biohacking and transformative mindset shifts, all supported by unwavering guidance and support. You will develop robust life strategies, cultivate resilience and craft an actionable, powerful plan to actualize your desires.

Pricing Request

If you would like to make an investment into your future, please contact me for details.

I will be in touch very shortly.

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