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Who Are You?

In a society teeming with expectations, pressures and molds, carving out your own identity can feel like swimming against the current. 🌊⛔ And yet, putting on a mask 🎭 to fit the mold of what others think you should be is something that we are often taught to do from a young age.

❕But let's pause and reflect—what are the costs of wearing this mask? 🤔💬

➡ Each day, it may weigh us down a little more, distancing us from our true selves and dimming the light of our uniqueness. 💔🕯️

It's time to ask ourselves: Who would we be without these masks? 🗝️✨

Imagine the freedom 🕊️, the joy 😄, and the peace that comes from being true to ourselves even when the world pushes back.


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