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What is Happiness?

In a world that constantly pushes us to seek happiness in external things, this profound reminder tells us that real joy is crafted from within.

✨ Every step we take and every choice we make carve our path to happiness.

Try to recall 3 of your happiest days. What do you remember most from each of those days? Is it the clothes you were wearing? The shoes you had on? Your watch? Maybe the computer you had at that time? Or, do you most recall special locations you visited, the people you were with and your emotions at the time?

Most often, happiness is not found in the material things, but in the moments that we create, the love we share, and the growth we embrace and follow through on. 💖

Let’s choose actions that align with our inner values, let's cultivate a mindset that sees the good, and let's actively create our happiness every single day. 🌈 Remember, your happiness is in your hands. 🙌


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