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What Does Your Mirror Reflect Back?

🔍 The Mirror of Others vs. The Mirror of Self 🔍

Have you ever felt like a chameleon, changing colours based on where you are and who you’re with? 🦎✨

It’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing ourselves through others' eyes 👀, twisting and turning to fit into a mold that was never truly meant for us. Remember, chameleons do not change colour to fit in with other species. 🔄❌

Here’s the twist: When you gauge your worth through someone else's perspective, you're viewing yourself in a mirror 🪞 that distorts and dims your true essence. This is not because other people are trying to intentionally bring you down or force you to act in a particular way…not usually, anyway. 🚫👥 It is most often because at one point or another, someone else shared a point of view with you (likely about something that he or she likes or does not like) that you have since tried to alter your behaviour or demeanour to be more in line with, so as to ensure continued acceptance by that person. 💬💔

The Solution? 👇

🪞 Craft Your Own Mirror: one that never lies. ✨ Build a self-image that reflects your inner beauty, strengths, and quirks. And own it. 🤝💖


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