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The Roots of Forgiveness: Understanding and Healing

Have you ever wondered what truly drives forgiveness? It's not about letting someone off the hook or pretending that nothing happened. 🚫🧹 It's about deep understanding and stepping back into your own personal peace. 🕊️

Forgiveness starts with understanding. 💡 It's seeing the situation from a broader perspective and acknowledging the complexities involved. 🌐👀 This doesn't mean you condone the behaviour; it means you're choosing to understand the human frailties that led to it. 🤝🧠Think of it as, just for a moment, seeing the world through the eyes of the person you feel the need to forgive. 👀🌍

➡️ If that’s too challenging, start here: pretend that the entire situation between you and that person was filmed - one version on your phone, 📱 and a completely different version on that person’s phone. 📲 And now, you’re purposefully choosing to see their video. 🔍🎥

🤔The real beneficiary of forgiveness? It's you. 💖

Holding onto resentment is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned…every time. 🔥👐 By forgiving, you release that heat and stop feeling the urge to throw anything altogether. You free yourself from the burden of pain, bitterness, maybe even fear, allowing room for growth and healing. 🖤➡️💟


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