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Take Control of Your Mornings

Tired of starting your day feeling rushed and overwhelmed?

Here's a simple switch that can bring calm and focus to your mornings:

🚫 STOP: The minute you wake up, resist the urge to dive into the endless scroll on your phone 📵

✅ START: Dedicate just one minute to a morning ritual that sets a positive tone for your day:

1️⃣ Stretch Out in Bed: Greet the day with a gentle stretch, waking up your body with kindness.

2️⃣ Find Your Joy: Think of one thing you're looking forward to. This could be anything - a

delicious breakfast, a chat with a friend or a project you're passionate about.

3️⃣ Set an Intention: Focus on a positive outcome for your day's highlight. Visualize it going

perfectly and feel the positive vibes.

Make this simple practice a habit, and watch as your mornings transform from hectic to harmonious ✨.


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