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SHAME: Part 4 - Tolerance and Endurance

Day 3 of our journey to cast away the shadows of shame: Evaluating and Eliminating Tolerances 🌟🚶‍♂️

Today's focus shifts towards the things we tolerate (i.e., what we do not like but do nothing to change) that dim our light. It's time to reclaim our power and set ourselves free! 🔐✨

Exercise: The Tolerance Breakdown ✍️🔬

1️⃣ List What You Tolerate: Grab your journal and jot down everything you're tolerating that causes discomfort or chips away at your self-worth. 📒😖 Whether it's unfulfilling relationships, limiting beliefs, or detrimental habits, write them all out.

2️⃣ Analyze the Why: Reflect on each point. Why are you tolerating these things? Is it fear of change, fear of confrontation, or perhaps something else? Dive deep to uncover the root cause. 🤿💭

3️⃣ Develop an Exit or Change Plan: Create a strategy for each item you're tolerating. Decide whether you'll eliminate it or change how you interact with it. This step may involve setting new boundaries, walking away from toxic situations, or altering long-standing habits. 🛣️🔏

4️⃣ Implement Gradually: Begin with the easiest task and gradually tackle more challenging items. 🌈📈

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Celebrate every success along the way to keep your spirits high and maintain momentum. 🥳🌟

This exercise is a powerful tool for clearing the clutter of tolerance in our lives, creating space for more joy, respect, and self-worth. By refusing to settle for less, we diminish the breeding ground for shame and foster a healthier, happier existence. 🌻💖


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