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Realigning Behaviour To Intent

Why start with these specific questions? Here goes:

🔹 How do my actions and words affect the people around me?

➡️ This question encourages us to step outside our personal bubble and consider our impact on others. Cultivating empathy and understanding, it leads to greater awareness of our actions and their effects on the emotional states of others.

🔸 What are my underlying needs when I seek attention or admiration, and are there healthier ways I can meet these needs?

➡️ Dive deep into the motives behind your actions! Whether it's a desire for acceptance, esteem, or even security, understanding these needs can help us find more constructive ways to fulfill them, reducing your reliance on external validation.

🔹 Can I recall a situation where I felt misunderstood, and how would I have wanted to be treated in that scenario?

➡️ By recalling personal experiences of being misunderstood, we can reflect on how we wish to have been treated. This promotes empathy and guides us to treat others with the consideration and respect that we desire for ourselves.

These questions are designed to foster self-reflection and empathy, crucial for anyone looking to truly understand and, if necessary, modify their behaviour.


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