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How Do You Treat Yourself When Unwell?

When others falter, are hurt or feel under the weather, our instinct is often to envelop them in kindness and empathy, urging rest over exertion 🤗🛌. Yet, when we find ourselves in similar straits, our inner critic takes the helm, pushing us harder instead of advocating for the compassion and understanding we readily extend to others 🚣‍♂️💔. This dichotomy in how we treat others versus ourselves reveals a need to cultivate self-compassion as diligently as we do empathy for others 🌱💞.

Acknowledging our own need for rest and healing shouldn't be a struggle; it should be as natural and immediate as our urge to comfort a friend 🤝❤️. Unfortunately, the harshness with which we often judge our own vulnerabilities only amplifies our distress, hindering our ability to recover and thrive for a longer period of time 📉🚫. Imagine, for a moment, turning the kindness we offer to others inward, treating our own aches and pains with the same tenderness and care 🔄🌸. It’s been scientifically proven that treating yourself with care and compassion during times when you are not feeling 100% actually speeds up the healing process ✨!


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