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Do You Lie to Yourself?

We all engage in the ultimate game of hide and seek with our truths, where the heart seeks what the mind attempts to bury. But what truly unfolds when we stop lying to ourselves? When we demolish the walls of self-deception and confront our raw, unfiltered realities?

📌 My body still screams in protest when I recall how I expertly convinced myself that I LOVED:

➡️ Working in a toxic environment 🏢

➡️ Grinding for 60-90 hours a week ⏳

➡️ Dwelling in a house that felt more like an unlived in museum 🏠

➡️ Living beside a park that I didn’t set foot in for years because I was “too busy” 🌳

📢 My life - this was, after all, the “dream” life I tirelessly worked for. Therefore, it must be the pinnacle of my existence... right?

❌ Lying to ourselves might seem like a protective shield, but in reality, it's a cage. A barrier to authentic growth and happiness.

🌱 The journey to honesty is daunting; it confronts, rattles, and ultimately transforms. It’s uncomfortable, to say the least. Yet, on the other side of this rigorous self-love is a life brimming with profound growth, lightness and an unshakeable sense of freedom.


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