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Shift Your Perspective

How to instantly snap out of a negative thinking spiral 😵‍💫:

1️⃣ Grab a small mirror 🪞

2️⃣ Place it at chin height approximately 2 inches away from your chin, facing upwards (like in the photo, but a bit lower and further away from your face)

3️⃣ Look into the mirror for 15 seconds ⏲

Positivity loading...🔋

👀 The perspective shift causes your brain to focus on what it now perceives as being in front of you. It takes a moment to process what you are actually seeing ⏳.

➡️ Most of the time, a moment is all we need to snap out of it.

✨ Refocus every time you remember to, and see how much easier it becomes to stay positive for longer stretches of time.


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