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SHAME: Shattering Illusions

Ever feel like shame is holding you back from living your life? 🚫😕

You're not alone. 😔👥

Shame is a deep-seated emotion that can permeate our entire being, making us feel almost paralyzed. 🥶 It often feels like a heavy weight 🏋️‍♂️ that keeps us from accepting ourselves.

However, shame can also manifest as:

➡️ a desire to make yourself as small as possible, if not invisible, 🐜🙈

➡️ hoping that you don’t see someone you know unless it was specifically pre-arranged 🙉📅

➡️ stiffness in your body (which often leads to headaches) 🤕⛔

➡️ an internal need for validation, approval, etc. 💌💬

From childhood, many of us are fed toxic beliefs 🚫🧠 that distort how we perceive the world, including how we see:

➡️ our talents, 🎨🎭

➡️ relationships, 💔🤝

➡️ self-worth, 🌟👑

➡️ possibilities for a better life 🚀🌈


Embracing your self-worth, pursuing happiness, and seeking fulfillment are not shameful! ✨💖 Being happy and expressing ourselves is our right, and everyone can take it back by choice. 🌻

Shame completely distorts our perception, but we have the ability to adjust clarity and live without having to put a mask on everyday! 🎭➡️😃

🔄 Stay tuned for part 2, where I’ll share practical steps to break free from shame's grip. 💪📚


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