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SHAME: Part 3 - Survival Tactics

Day 2 of moving beyond the shadows of shame: Tackling Survival Tactics Head-On! 🚀✨

Today, we dive into the crucial steps of recognizing and transforming the survival tactics that keep us bound in chains of shame. Ready to audit your survival strategies? Let's go! 🏋️‍♂️🔓

Exercise: The Survival Strategy Audit 🕵️‍♂️📖

1️⃣ Identify Survival Behaviors 🛡️: List down the actions you take when you're in survival mode—like dodging challenges or sabotaging your own success. 🏃‍♀️💥

2️⃣ Understand the Impact 💔👀: Reflect deeply on how these behaviors have shaped your life and affected your relationships. Acknowledge the missed opportunities and the hurt caused. 🌪️❌

3️⃣ Commit to Change 📝✨: For each identified behavior, vow to make a small, concrete change. If you're prone to shying away from opportunities, promise yourself you'll embrace a minor challenge. 🌱🎯

4️⃣ Track and Reflect 📊🤔: Keep a diary of your commitments and observe your journey. Dedicate time each week to ponder over the shifts in your shame levels and in your life's quality. 🕰️💭

Through this exercise, we aim to move from merely surviving to actively thriving, peeling away the layers of shame that dim our brilliance. 🌟🐛🦋


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